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Arizona Hi-Fi - The High Performace Music Systems

Arizona Hi-Fi is the southwest's premier Vacuum Tube / High-Performance audio specialist. We have the largest selection of Tube Audio Electronics in Arizona and the most audiophile turntables on display in the state. In addition, we offer an expanded selection of LPs and CDs for your convenience. Our expert and knowledgeable staff are committed to ensuring your equipment is of ideal quality and that you are not only satisfied with your high performance audio, but that you have an entertaining experience. We put the fun back into stereo.

Located in the heart of Tempe, Arizona, the high performance audio specialists offer Vacuum Tube Audio equipment and service repair. We offer the following services:

  ♦ Turntable Setup
  ♦ Turntable Tune-up
  ♦ System Setup
  ♦ Room Consultation
  ♦ Consignments
  ♦ Repairs (call first)
  ♦ Amplifier and Pre-Amplifier Re-Tubing and Biasing

If you would like help with product selection or need service, please call 602.264.4434 (264-HIFI) or visit.