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Arizona Hi-Fi - The High Performace Music Systems

Arizona Hi-Fi History Arizona Tube Audio opened in 1994 as the only high-performance audio dealer in Arizona to specialize exclusively in vacuum tube equipment. In 2000 Arizona Hi-Fi, LLC acquired Arizona Tube Audio, retained all staff and vastly expanded product selection. Arizona Hi-Fi's focus remains on the music itself and cutting-edge 2-channel reproduction using designs manufactured by the best companies in the world. We proudly offer products spanning cultures and niches encompassing most of the civilized world. From the U.S.A. we have the unsurpassed Audio Research, Manley Labs, Gallo, PS Audio, Rives, Wireworld, Quicksilver and Nordost (yes, even Odin). The UK is represented by Wilson Benesch, ProAc, Quad, Rega, SME, Chord Company, J.A. Michell and Isotek. Germany's engineering is represented by Deuvel and Finite Elemente. From Japan the boutique hand-crafted Japanese legends, Shindo Labs and Leben have landed. Arizona Hi-Fi also carries much more than just the above and we are constantly refining our line-up.

Not only are products made by the leading brands, the items are backed by the respective companies renowned customer service and Arizona Hi-Fi. For your peace of mind, our repair services are available on all products bought from us. Additional repair services are offered on new or vintage tube amplifiers, preamplifiers and solid-state high-end components, not purchased from Arizona Hi-Fi, on a case by case basis.

Vacuum tubes are stocked for almost any tube amp, preamp and most tube guitar amplifiers and microphones. We also carry vinyl records, the largest selection of turntables in Arizona, CDs and even USB DACS (digital to analogue converters) for computer based systems. Turntable and cartridge setup is performed free at time of purchase with complimentary tune-ups throughout the years. With our extensive in store selection of turntable cartridges such as Benz, Ortofon, Sumiko, Lyra, Dynavector, Shelter, Clearaudio and Rega, system matching and turntable setup becomes stress free and straightforward.

Our philosophy has always been, "Audio is Fun" this is exactly what you will find on your first/next/every visit aside from... The Best Sound in Town!!!