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AESTHETIX - musicalsurroundings.com/aesthetix.html
Achieving the perfect balance of sonic attributes, the Aesthetix Jupiter series imbue the music with breathtaking beauty.


Audio Research prides itself on manufacturing only those products which will provide genuine enjoyment for as long as the customer cares to own them. In company practice, this means that Audio Research technicians can still repair, refurbish and restore to original performance standards, any product ever manufactured during the company's quarter-century history.

ANTIQUE SOUND LAB - divertech.com/antiquesl.html
The Antique Sound Lab's factory manufactures its own Transformers (Audio and Mains Power). ASL operates its own metal shop, powder-coating paint facility, and tube electronics assembly/testing group. The point-to-point wiring and overall build quality of these products is outstanding.

CAMBRIDGE AUDIO - cambridgeaudio.com
The amplifier is the heart of any system. Taking the source signal, it powers this to the speakers. Cambridge Audio has a hard-won, thirty five year reputation in manufacturing critically acclaimed amplifiers and home cinema receivers.

COPLAND - copland.dk
Each class A line level amplifier circuit is divided into two separated non inverting units. This allows us to use a much less complex circuit, with increased stability, and no requirement for internal compensating networks. Discrete DC power supply regulates designed for nearly zero output impedance isolate individual gain stages from each other.

LEBEN - A MOTION SOUND - toneimports.com/leben/lebenhome.html
Leben Hi-Fi Co. is a Japanese manufacturer of rare hi-fi. Mr. Hyodo, who owns Leben Hi-Fi Co., is a multi-talented individual. He was a professional musician, a well-known audiophile, and a skilled hi-fi engineer, having long experience in designing famous amplifiers under Luxman Corporation, an important player in the Japanese high-end market, besides their mass-market products - since 1925.

MANLEY - manleylabs.com
A purist approach to everything built; refining, executing, and expanding upon Manley's legacy of vacuum tube design philosophies proven over years of real-world experience, using high quality modern components, many of which are fabricated in-house.

QUAD - quad-hifi.co.uk
The history of Quad is one of audio excellence. Since 1936, Quad has been at the very cutting edge of high-end audio winning acclaim and respect for our products around the world.

QUICKSILVER - quicksilveraudio.com
Quicksilver Audio entered the high-end audio market in 1981 when we began selling the MS190 Stereo Amplifier. Mike Sanders, the founder and owner of Quicksilver Audio, has been an avid audiophile since his early teen years.

ROGUE AUDIO - rogueaudio.com
High-end amplifiers typically command stratospheric prices. Rogue Audio was founded on the belief that great amplifiers can be designed and manufactured at affordable prices. Rogue products provide outstanding value with performance.

SHINDO LABORATORY - shindo-laboratory.co.jp
Shindo Laboratory was established in 1977 with one goal in mind, to create the best musical experience in the home. Ken Shindo and his wife Harumi have been hard at work six days a week for almost 30 years quietly designing and refining what they refer to as "The music mind". It takes more than just a degree from electronics school to create the highest level of realism from hi-fi; It takes passion, skill, an open mind and a life long quest for perfection.

YBA DESIGN - yba.fr

Since 1981, YBA has being developing thanks to the passion of one man, Yves-Bernard André.

Through his relentless search for sound perfection we can offer you a musical quality that is unfailing. But beyond this perfect technology, our instruments will make you feel a new emotion. An emotion that is unique. An emotion that affects skilled audiophiles as well as music lovers, whether they are keen on jazz, chamber music or symphony orchestra.


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